February, 2012

As a User Experience professional since 1988, I have provided value to employers and clients using state-of-the-art UI design methodologies, workflow engineering (Information Architecture), usability testing, ethnographic research and analysis, and other forms of empathic discovery to produce highly usable and intuitive user interfaces. My broad background allows me a unique perspective on user interaction, be it ecommerce, corporate, Intranet, portal, Web application, data visualization, mobile, or kiosk interface design.

My passions include:

  • providing interfaces and workflows for users from multiple backgrounds and disciplines
  • the creation of UI design standards that provide value to corporate brand and UI design consistency across an enterprise
  • elegant and professional visual design
  • ADA and Section 508 compliance in regard to Web and software interfaces

I have had the benefit of working in a wide variety of Web and software deployment environments; plus life experiences in multiple behavioral, retail and creative endeavors, which together provide a strong "generalist" viewpoint along with a non-linear, solution-driven mentality.

My background includes presentation-level programming and visual design, business requirements elicitation and review, usability testing, Quality Assurance testing, and a strategic focus on User Centered Design practices

Prior experience includes entrepreneurial and small business endeavors, contracting engagements, fully employed positions, and consulting. I value highly my ability to work well with others and communicate professionally while adhering to my beliefs of respect, service, excellence, and creating trust.

My professional strengths include:

  • empathic perception of people's stories
  • effective and professional communication skills
  • fact-based analysis and reporting
  • a mentor-based management style
  • openness to creative ideas from any area and any level
  • creation of and participation with effective, innovative teams
  • growth of talent and consistently working toward replacing myself
  • a thorough understanding of the creative process
  • understanding and utilizing collaboration
  • relationship building
  • valuing multiple cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds

Clients and employers alike have found me enthusiastic, a quick study, and focused on mutually successful visions and goals. You will find me a reliable and responsible individual willing to bring efficient, successful and creative results to your business.

Connie Seidel

Connie Seidel

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