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Project: Charitableway, Corporate Web Site

Purpose: Presentation of Charitableway, an ASP solution to online payroll, check, credit card and securities donations to charities, United Ways and nonprofit federations. Site needed to present corporate related business information.

Responsibilities: Collaborate with and manage Marketing Dept., outside design agency, Producer, Project Manager and HTML Development team to insure smooth development and implementation of entire corporate site. Additionally set HTML standards and collaborate on graphics development and design modification, maintain, update and insure accurate and timely publishing to production servers. (2000 - 2001)

Features: DHTML, CSS and JavaScript driven site providing relatively easy maintenance and deployment of corporate data and marketing information. Clean design with easily read pages arranged in an intuitive navigation.

Associates involved: Connie Seidel acting in capacity of Sr. Web Designer/Developer

Environment & tools: Macintosh/Windows/HPUnix, BBEdit, Homesite, DHTML, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PhotoShop


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