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Project: Charitableway, Workplace Giving Center Custom Web Site

Purpose: Web interface for web-based application transacting credit card and check donations and distribution of funds to charities and nonprofit federations such as United Ways.

Responsibilities: UI Team Lead, collaborate with Project Manager, Producer, and Engineering on architecture and UI design, design header and left column graphics, design and code HTML template structure, write CSS. (2000 - 2001)

Features: HTML templated structure with content dynamically populated by BroadVision DCC allowing for rapid development and customization of graphics and text; forms-based application interacting with BroadVision and Oracle database backend.

Associates involved: Connie Seidel acting in capacity of Sr. Web Designer/Developer

Environment & tools: Macintosh/Windows/HPUnix, BBEdit, Homesite, DHTML, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PhotoShop


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