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Project: Creative Media Associates (CMA) Web site

Purpose: Develop a "brochure" style Web site showing CMA's core capabilities in designing and developing onscreen sales presentations. Concept was to model site pages after PowerPoint presentation slides "look & feel" giving prospects a familiar presentation experience. Developed for a limited audience.

Responsibilities: Consult with CMA owner on art direction, visual and graphics development, collaborate on Flash development, page development and site maintenance. (Client: 2001 - 2002; site longevity: 2005)

Features: Pages follow a logical presentation style flow, yet maintain a persistent navigation with "buttons" across the bottom of each page. All pages are sized to the same width, height and aspect ratio. Nav buttons denote page colors while exhibiting on/off states. First five pages have lightweight Flash typographic animations posing questions answered within page content, relating to CMA's business selling points.

Associates involved: Connie Seidel, John D. Huges

Environment & tools: Macintosh/Windows, BBEdit, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PhotoShop, Flash


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