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Project: Innerworks Solutions

Purpose: Re-design and development of an executive coaching and training consulting practice's web site to better present their professional line of leadership skills trainings. Old site had no cohesive architecure and even the owners had difficulty finding what they were looking for. A much more intuitive navigation along with a professional and inspirational ambiance to help rise above "the herd" of executive and leadership coaching sites on the Web. Also provided a design and layout style that can be expanded as the company grows and adds content to their site.

Responsibilities: All art direction & graphics development, assistance with information architecture, development of styles, HTML templates and navigation schema, PHP-based forms development via S&A associate Jean-Louis Brunet. (Client: 2002 - 2004; site longevity: current)

Features: This site's templated structure allows for flexibility in updates, added pages and content, and changes within the navigation. Style sheets control all aspects of navigation.

Associates involved: Connie Seidel

Environment & tools: Macintosh/Windows, BBEdit, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, PhotoShop


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