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Project: Peninsula Volunteers


Purpose: Re-development of Peninsula Volunteers site illuminating the four major programs' and parent organization's web site. Needed an expanded site capable of presenting both the parent organization's core function and mission while allowing each program the ability to have its own sub-domain URL. Additional PHP admin tools implemented allowing for client updates of content on certain pages.

Responsibilities: All art direction & graphics development, information architecture, development of base pages and navigation, styles and coding templates, PHP and MySql development via S&A associate Jean-Louis Brunet. (Client: 1998 - 2006; site longevity: current)

Features: This site allows each of the sub-domains an entry point to the overall web site while maintaining visual and design integrity throughout. PHP/MySql-based admin tools allow client to update content on perscribed pages. Common navigation is CSS based allowing for ease of change or update.

Associates involved: Connie Seidel, Jean-Louis Brunet

Environment & tools: Macintosh/Windows, BBEdit, HTML, PHP, MySql JavaScript, CSS, PhotoShop


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