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Project: Mcroskey Airflex Mattres Co. Web Site

Purpose: Produce an informational Web site for a family owned and operated manufacturer in San Francisco. As one of the last small manufacturers in SF, they build high quality and custom beds and mattress sets.

Responsibilities: All art direction, visual and graphic development, page development and maintenance. Teamed with an associate who developed all content and marketing message and collaborated on information architecture. (Client: 2001 - 2002; site longevity: 2003)

Features: A well organized Web brochure showing the quality manufacturing process of their mattress and box spring units while maintaining an open and professional feel. The manufacturing process is shown through images and text with "pop-up" windows showing larger photos of each stage of manufacture. Additional marketing message and mapping are aimed at satisifying visitor needs for basic information on products, manufacture methods and history, and location.

Associates involved: Connie Seidel, Linda Hubbard

Environment & tools: Macintosh/Windows, BBEdit, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PhotoShop


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