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Project: Las Isabelas

Purpose: Las Isabelas, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing support and educational services to Latinas with various forms of cancer, breast cancer being of high importance, needed a web presence to bring their services to the Latina community of the South San Francisco Bay Area while presenting a professional and clear presence to their donor community. Las Isabelas began as a grass-roots organization, gaining funding and visibility within the Hispanic community of San Jose, CA since 2000. In addition to just bringing the message to the Internet community, Las Isabelas is committed to making sure their services and message are available to the Spanish-speaking community. Hence a Spanish-speaking version of the site was of prime importance.

Responsibilities: All art direction & graphics development, architecture design, development of page templates, navigation, styles and coding standards, as well as managing Spanish translations services. (Client: 2001-2003; site longevity: 2003)

Features: This project incorporates CSS and a standardized, text-based navigation schema, allowing for rapid re-direction of messaging. A "mirrored" Spanish version of the site is intertwined to allow for ease of moving back and forth through English and Spanish pages. Almost all pages of this site are availble in a Spanish version to become as comofortable as possible with the Spanish-speaking community. This is important as the target audience for Las Isabelas' services is predominately Spanish-speaking only.

Associates involved: Connie Seidel, Dori Ives, Rosalia Brunet

Environment & tools: Macintosh, BBEdit, XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, PhotoShop, MS Word


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