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S&A Resource Library

Articles of Interest
     To Dot Or Not (Web design for the rest of us!)
     Information Architecture (for the rest of us!)
     CONZZ_ARCHIVES (Web Info Newsletter for The Rest of Us!)
     Web-based Tools (Interactivity for The Rest of Us!)

Informative Sites on Web Design & Site Development
General Information & Trends
     All Things Web (Questionable - heavily weighted by reason of a predominately Win/PC
     Browser Statistics (Debunking Web Browser Stats and more very useful articles)
     oriented site, but may be useful info none-the-less)
     Google:: Statistics & Demographics (Probably one of the best jumping off sites in
     reference to web statistics)

Tools, Registration, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & other related sites
     Atomz (Add a Search Engine to Your Site) (Affordable web site analysis) (Search engine optimization wervices - expert SEO consuling &
     speaking - excellent newsletter)
     UBB.threads (Ultimate Bulletin Board)
     Search Engine Watch (Ultimate for tips about internet search engines & search engine
     submission) (Submitting search engine friendly sebsites)
     Taco HTML Edit (Free, basic HTML text editor for Mac OSX users)
     TextWrangler (Free, powerful text editor from BareBones – makers of BBEdit)

     BayCHI (Computer-Human Interaction) (Jakob Nielson's site - Usable Information Technology)
     User Interface Engineering

Resources for Nonprofits & Community Sites (Excellent fundraising opportunity)
     GuideStar (National Database of Nonprofit Organizations)
     Network for Good (Nonprofit Resources)
     Network for Good :: Receive Online Donations (Charities receive 100% of donations)

Design Resource Sites
     1001 Free Fonts (Thousands of free fonts, Mac & PC formats) (Mac & PC format fonts for free -- Excellent layout!)
     dinc! (interesting site - free fonts)
     FontHaus (popular store for name-brand fonts)
     FontShop (25,000+ fonts) (home of "WhatTheFont search function - interesting fonts)
     Phil's Fonts (Lots of fonts - 30,000+)

Graphic Design
     Planet PDF (comprehensive PDF usage & user resource site)
     PDF (Online resource for a variety of PDF conversion tools)

Images & Photos
     Can Stock Photo (Royalty free stock photos at affordable prices)
     Corbis (royalty free & rights managed photos and illustrations)
     Foto Search Stock Photos (one stop search & shop of over 50 different photography,
     illustration, and video publishers)
     fSTOP (royalty-free pictures by designers for designers)
     gettyimages (images, film & services - photodisc®)
     Leo's (massive amounts of free icons)
     IconBazaar (massive amounts of free icons)
     iconfactory (3-D icons & IconBuilder® software) (royalty free photos by subscription)
     Veer (photos, illustration, motion & graphics)

     Cool Homepages
     The Daily Slurp

Web Design
     Crendo (helpful articles related to web design/develpment) (membership access to Flash menu generator)
     MIS Web Design (articles related to HTML, XHTML, CSS, etc.)

Technical Resource Sites
     HTML Code Tutorial (Free guide to HTML, CSS and scripting tutorials) :: web design training, books, videos and tips (library of resources)
     NCDesign :: Style Sheet Guide (complete reference to CSS and lists browser support)
     NCDesign :: HTML Design Guide (complete reference to HTML and lists browser support)
     Web Designer's Paradise (design and development tutorials) (web design tutorials, scripts and articles)
     Web Developer's Virtual Library (web design tutorils, articles and discussions)

     Dynamaic Drive DHTML code library
     JavaScript Source :: Free JavaScripts, Tutorials, Example Code...
     Matt's Script Archive (Matt's Free Perl CGI Scripts)

     Chicago Manual of Style (tutorials and templates for HTML/CSS)
     IdeaBook :: special character chart (for text and graphics applications)

Tools & Utilities
     Web Monkey's Special Character Hotlist
     Window Resize Script

     Brainy Quotes

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