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General contact information

To find out more about how S&A can assist with your organization's Web presentation, contact us via the following:

Principal: Connie Seidel
Voice: 650.387.1957
USPO: 750 S. 40th St. #H106
Springdale AR 72762

In contacting us, consider telling us something about your organization and your web site needs or plans. Be sure to provide your contact information as well. If you already have a web site, please give us your URL to review.

Remote vs. Local
Seidel & Associates is located in Northwest Arkansas. Our clients are located from California to Washington D.C. While the bulk of our work is accomplished remotely, we are available for on site meetings if and whenever necessary.

With the Web as our "sand box," we are extremely efficient in terms of remote client communications and project management/development. Even in our own neighborhood we seldom physically meet with clients — not so much because we intend it that way, but because it inevitably turns out that way. While physical proximity sometimes seems important to new clients, it quickly falls by the wayside.

Clients are kept informed of progress via a remote staging server, emails and phone calls. Experience and history has shown that email, telephone and mail much less intrusive and time consuming while far more productive than "meetings."

Our committment or our clients includes successful project completion, however that needs to be accomplished. In the event that travel becomes necessary, we have fully portable capabilities and can "plug 'n play" in our own offices or in yours.

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