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"Thanks so much for all! My website has been exactly what I hoped for on many dimensions. Truly appreciate your quick response and great work."

- Jennifer Biler
Aloft Marketing


"I knew the ASC web site was a gem in the rough! Connie's design style is clean, quick, professional, and absolutely beautiful AND he gives excellent, practical, no-nonsense advice. He provides a level of service far beyond mere consulting and spends a large portion of his time at the forefront to fully understand his clients' needs. I was wary that getting good results from a long-distance consultant would be impossible, but I continue to be amazed and pleased at how efficient working with Connie is. Hats off to Seidel & Associates!"

- Christina Womack
Project Director
Arkansas Scholarship Connection


"A note about our web-guy. Connie Seidel (Seidel & Associates Consulting) has been a tremendous asset in revamping our website. He has been an ally and champion right from the start. He invested a significant amount of time to understand us and what we were trying to achieve and he became a real contributor rather than just an implementer. He took ownership for meeting the design, budget and schedule goals, often paying closer attention to those than we we did. His style is to educate, recommend and then work with whatever you decide. In short, we highly recommend him."

- John Vircelli
Innerworks Solutions


"I was looking for a developer to bring to another level. My database programmer referred me to Seidel and Associates for the re-design, Connie made me feel at ease from the beginning to the end of the re-design. I have continued to use Seidel and Associates services post re-design. If you are looking for a developer who puts his heart into every project, Seidel and Associates is for you. If you don't believe me just look at, if that's not enough to convince you nothing will! Thanks Connie."

- Stanley Robers


"Connie redesigned our website to be visually appealing and easy to navigate. He not only is a master at informational architecture, he understood our target audience and created a flexible design that will allow our site to grow in an organized manner. His work style reflects his web design — very appealing and savvy. We look forward to continued work with Seidel & Associates."

- Lynda Doucette and Christie Anastasia
Park Rangers
Point Reyes National Seashore


"We use Seidel & Associates for quick-turnaround projects. Response is always fast. Work is of good quality. Revisions are pleasantly handled—quickly. They've always been willing to go the extra mile to make sure the objective is achieved and we are satisfied."

- Bret Hydorn, Director of Marketing
CyberSource Corporation


"Connie has become a valued member of our team. We are always amazed at his fast turn-around time for updates and changes and as a non-profit organization, his attention to the cost factor is greatly appreciated. He designed our site with our mission in mind and used his heart as well as his expertise in showcasing the YWCA."

- Teresa Wolf, Chief Development Officer
YWCA in Santa Clara Valley


"Since Connie recreated my website my business has not only grown, but also generated more activity from my target market. He gave my site an elegant and professional look, while ensuring simple and fast navigation. I have received countless positive comments on my website. Several people have told me they consider it the best floral website in Portland (Oregon). I'm thrilled with the new website and enjoy working with Connie for ongoing site updates."

- Anne Ryan, Principal
Anne Ryan Floral Design


"Seidel and Associates deliver high quality code, on time, at a reasonable cost. Working with Connie is always a pleasure. He keeps projects running on an even keel."

- Rosemary Passantino, Producer
Tolleson Design


"I just spent a fascinating hour looking through your portfolio of websites. As it happens, I'm a web designer for small mom and pop businesses, and I was looking at anne ryan's site when I spotted your logo and link. I'm pretty happy with the stuff I do but I have to admit I'm humbled by what I seen of your work.
    "Anyway. I love your style, taste, layouts, and variety. I'm going to go to school on what you've been doing. Seems as though there's some innovation or way of handling graphics and color on every page that is really appealing. Though I have no intention copying your work, I have learned more from you in the last hour than I have on my own in a year. I'm not a trained graphic artist but I know what works and what looks good.
    "May I suggest that you write a book on web design. It's really needed and your the right person to do it."

- Donald Bodwell, Partner
PTC Partners


"Connie has provided us with superior website service aqnd expertise for the past two years. Our clients, including other web designers, consistently comment on how well laid out and easy to navigate our websites are. Connie is always professional and expedient about taking care of our requests. I would recommend him to any of my colleagues."

- Kathryn Morgan, Project Coordinator


"Seidel and Associates can be counted on for professional, leading-edge, and forward thinking solutions to business problems; without question."

- Jim Harlow, CTO
NetFuel, Inc.


"As my web developer, you have done an outstanding and creative job with my website. I always get positive comments about how professional and imaginative this site is."

- Safwat Malek, Principal
Enviro International Architects Builders


"Our Checklist for a Web Master (and Why Seidel & Associates is Ours)

  • Willing to listen and learn about our organization
  • Personable and professional
  • A sense of humor that makes working more like playing
  • Offers insight and suggestions when we flounder
  • Thinks of the details that make the difference
  • Keeps it simple—for us and for our users
  • Handles updates and/or changes promptly—without any complaining, whining, or sighing.
  • Has an ability to create a website that really works"

- Jan Huneycutt Lightner, Program Officer
CommunityCare Foundation, Inc.


"It is not often that in the world of business you have an opportunity to work with someone who is a complementary blend of intelligence, integrity, creativity, humor, sensitivity and professionalism all wrapped in one. Well, if you work with Seidel and Associates that's what you get and much more! They met our needs and continue to do so to this day. Seidel and Associates listened to our needs, desires and questions, translated them into a creative mastery that assisted us in sharing our good news. It has been and continues to be a pleasure and a joy working with them. If you want the best, you don't need to look anymore!"

- Sheila Butts
Tower of Faith Evangelistic Church


"I am barely computer literate, but Seidel and Associates made the creation of our first website and later revision, an easy and enjoyable experience. Seidel and Associates will create a website which will meet your needs and further your organization's mission. We have been pleased by the professionalism and user friendly website created."

- Connie Hendrix-Kral, Director Donor Relations
Northwest Arkansas Community Foundation


"...I love our Web site. You have done great work. I took a 3:30am call from a young man just last night whose girl friend had just been raped and he'd found us on the Web. Thank you, thank you!"

- Sandy Davis, Director, Rape Crisis Center
YWCA in Santa Clara Valley


"During revisions, updating and changes, you have been prompt and effective. As far as my silly questions and my urgent needs, you have always replied courteously and patiently. I appreciate your attitude, creativity and timeliness."

- Safwat Malek, Principal
Enviro International Architects Builders


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