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Connie Seidel, Principal, Sr. Web Developer/UI Designer/Graphic Designer
Seidel & Associates Principal, Connie Seidel, has pursued creative and business endeavors throughout his adult life. Beginning with undergraduate training in music composition and performance, he later found a niche in the San Francisco Bay Area as a sole proprietor, partner and corporate owner in various metalworking, sculpture and jewelry design ventures. These years (1976-1996) provided a real-world business administration education, while honing client relationship and communication skills through custom design development, production management and manufacture to meet end user specifications and needs.

In 1996, Seidel made a career move and assumed the position of Director of Sales for a software consulting company in the Bay Area. It was during this time that the importance of an intuitive, well thought out, graphical user interface for business and organizational Web sites became clear.

When the resources to re-develop his employers Web site were unavailable, Seidel took on the additional responsibilities of learning HTML and graphics softwares in order to redesign and re-architect the company's marketing and core capabilities message through a successful and award winning new interface to their Web site.

Since then he has designed and developed dozens of sites for small businesses, nonprofit organizations and government agencies. He has been employed and worked on contract for larger organizations as a Web Designer/Developer, Sr. Web Developer, Project/Team Lead and Graphic Designer. (See Resume)

Since pursuing Seidel & Associates full time beginning in 2001, he has worked with clients and Associates managing the development of backend database driven systems and browser-based administration tools, as well as acting as sole art director, information architect, usability specialist, designer and developer of a number of client Web sites.

from our clients
quote...As my web developer, you have done an outstanding and creative job with my website. I always get positive comments about how professional and imaginative this site is...end quote -S. Malek, Principal, Envior International Architects Builders


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