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Discover, plan, develop & deploy...

Seidel & Associates uses a tested and proven method of project management in every approach to Web-based development and deployment.

Leveraging principles learned through many years of business, creative design and custom, one-off project management, Connie Seidel (Principal) works with clients to gain insight to each project's individual needs and requirements. This approach gives clients the benefit of our customized and tailored design and programming methods:

  • learn and understand the client's business model, target audience and communication needs
  • develop user experience design targeted to the client and user base and audience expectations
  • implement appropriate technology solutions to create special dynamic and/or interactive information presentations or interactions
  • assign and manage independent professional providers (Associates) of highly technical and/or creative skills and capabilities
  • provide complete and discreet development of client project including backup & disaster recovery files and methods
  • upload and/or install files and technology and interact with client's Internet Service Providers
  • continue development, maintenance, redevelopment and/or knowledge transfer

Starting with a plan?
Not exactly! Each project or client engagement starts even before a plan is in effect.

S&A finds that the first step is to listen. We know each client's requirements and audience needs are unique. Through trial and error, we have found that the "cookie cutter" approach to Web design simply does not work.

Only after discovering our client's individual business model and presentation needs can we offer a project approach that will achieve the success every client expects and deserves from their Web site.

Every organization has different needs. Our clients benefit from S&A's experience in the Web space to get their project off in the right direction with a good plan from the start, without need for undue delay or cost in the initial discovery phase.

Design and build
Through years of working with clients on custom design projects, and working with other professional providers, Seidel is adept at avoiding the expensive pitfalls of creative design and project customization. S&A expertly directs clients toward an end that captures their organization's passion and goals, provides necessary information to their stakeholders, and allows for future development and scalability.

As a tightly organized group of professionals, S&A has developed methods of communication and task management that are:

  • flexible,
  • efficient, and
  • accurate.

Now turn in on
More than just creating and building a Web site, S&A bridges the technical gap between client and service provider to make sure that the final "live" publication of their site goes smoothly.

Even before going "live" the site project is "staged" on S&A's server for client review and testing in multiple browsers and platforms. Moving the final, tested version of the client's site files is accomplished directly from S&A's development environment to the client's production environment. Once completed, S&A can continue to maintain and update client files form the S&A environment.

All files and versions of the client site are archived and backed up to CD. Backup versions are available to the client upon request and are also stored off site in case disaster recovery ever becomes an issue.

Beyond the norm
Seidel & Associates provides the full service capability of an in house Web Services Department without the expense of hiring that department. Our proven history and experience not only is a representation of our expertise, it also shows our ability to provide clients with a Web presence comparable to and/or better than their competitors and peers.

We can provide the services of the large, expensive development salons with much greater flexibility and at a fraction of the cost.

from our clients
quote...Our Checklist for a Web Master (and Why Seidel & Associates is Ours...end quote -J. Huneycutt Lightner, Program Officer, CommunityCare Foundation, Inc.
- Jan Huneycutt Lightner
Program Officer CommunityCare Foundation, Inc.


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