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Seidel & Associates works with a variety of qualified professionals and builds teams appropriate to our client's development needs. Our Associates are all independent professional and as such, add their philosophy, methodology and expertise to the S&A team. S&A works closely with all of our Associates managing projects, client communications, and generally guaranteeing quality of workmanship and attention to detail. Following are some of the Associates contributing to Seidel & Associates Web development process on a continuing basis:

Jean-Louis Brunet, Sr. Web Programmer/Developer
Jean-Louis is a Web programmer's Web Programmer. His intuitive outlook on user processes and interfaces to functional design is second only to his ability to refine and adapt quickly as nuances of project needs arise.

He holds Master of Economics and Master of Computer Science degrees, and has been an Analyst Programmer on financial systems. His knowledge of programming languages like PHP, SQLServer, ASP, MySQL, CGI, Perl, and JavaScript, mixed with his rapid application development skills and programming environments like BroadVision come together in a brilliant designer developer who is inevitably anticipating client needs in regard to Web-based tools.

Additionally, he is an accomplished artist and cartoonist. Jean-Louis is currently collaborating with Seidel on providing interactive and back office Web technologies to non profit entities and a multi-media cartoon site.

Heather Capps, Sr. Web Site Front-End Designer/Developer
Heather is a charm! Her willingness to step in and take over S&A client portfolios with little or no assistance is laudatory. Her client communication skills are second only to her willingness to color outside the lines when when engaged in improving site design, functionality and professional presence.

Heather's background in ecommerce sites and web marketing design make her a prime candidate to help clients consider of new ways to promote their sites and/or products. That same experience comes into play for our nonprofit and our smaller tech sites by bringing a fresh visual playing field to the screen. A clear comprehension of site architecture, an eye for great color and image production, a grasp of the "clean, well-lighted space," and a passion for design are Heather's calling cards.

With her development background in HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and ColdFusion, she is poised to rapidly take ownership of any of our client site's updates, upgrades, revisions, or redesign projects.

Ralph Hefner, Database Modeling & Design
Ralph Hefner specializes in business and data analysis — areas requiring coordination between business objectives, graphical and quantitative methods, and the design and deployment of Information Technology in the following areas:
   • database modeling and design
   • data integration
   • database applications including warehouses and marts
   • data mining
   • other complementary software or IT development

Stephan Wold, Visual & Graphic Designer
Stephan is that unique individual that keeps the house rockin' while coming up with totally alive design concepts. His eye for urban graphic design and his ability to create, create, create is a refreshing "kick in the back of the head"... just when you need it.

He has had all manner of design-to-print experience with a healthy dose of real-world web page prototyping and maintenance. Having pursued a career in internet- and computer-related technologies after a life altering twist of fate is an inspiring story. But more inspiring is his eye-opening design work.

Get this guy on your team, like us at S&A, and you got glue!

from our clients
quote...Response is always fast. Work is of good quality. Revisions are pleasantly handled...end quote -Bret Hydorn, Dir. of Marketing, CyberSource Corp.
- Bret Hydorn
Director of Marketing
CyberSource Corporation


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