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Creativity, business & technical ingenuity...

Seidel & Associates comes from creative, entrepreneurial beginnings. The personnel involved with Mr. Seidel are all individuals with a passion for elegant, artistic and technically creative solutions to real-world Web presentation challenges.

One common factor running through Seidel and each of his associates is a pride in creating "bullet proof" Web sites that project our clients in highly professional yet intuitive ways. Doing this consistently certainly requires knowledge of individual programming languages, software applications, scripting languages, and graphical development environments. But, more importantly, S&A delivers experience in devising navigational and informational architectures and user interfaces that work seamlessly across a the scope of commonly used environments.

Individual qualifications of the S&A team run the gamut of modern Web-based development tools, both for visual production and technical capacity. To be sure, these would include such tools and languages as:

SQL Server/MySQL

Because we seek out, create and manage our professional associations based on project specifications, we can bring virtually any discipline to the table. Some additional associate talents used Web site and graphics development we maintain are:

  • Copywriting & Editing
  • Newsletter Design & Publication
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Database Engineering
  • Interactive Design
  • Backend & Administrative Tools Development
  • Identity Design
  • Print & Large Format Print Design

from our clients
quote...As my web developer, you have done an outstanding and creative job with my website. I always get positive comments about how professional and imaginative this site is...end quote -S. Malek, Principal, Envior International Architects Builders


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