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The told me not to say this, but...

Whether you read your way here or "clicked" ahead, you're obviously curious about cost. So, flying in the face of the sales and marketing gurus, we'll make a best-effort stab at satisfying your curiosity.

Because different skills and activities are used in developing any given Web site, it would be misrepresentation, and not all that informative to just give you our hourly billing fees. And, because every client site ends up as a distinctly different project, it would be inaccurate to say we can design and develop Web sites for some tidy, packaged sum.

However, looking with a historical perspective, it can be said quite accurately that Seidel & Associates' Web site projects have averaged anywhere from $80 to $160 per web page. That's an average for sites of 10 to 100 plus pages.

Sites demanding dynamic, data-driven capabilities and requiring more "backend" development have ranged upwards of $160-$200 per page — including requirements gathering, database design, browser-based administrative tools and complete implementation.

Time & materials vs. fixed bid?
The difference between time & materials and fixed bid may be self-explanatory. If not, the quick definition of each is:

time & materials
a fee structure based on an hourly billing for services to be rendered and cost of any/all materials reimbursed (usually with some administrative fee added in

fixed bid
a fixed, quoted price for services to be rendered under contract that are spelled out in detail within a contract, requirements documents, and/or some other form of documentation

In general, most organizations will benefit most from the former. S&A's approach to time & materials billing incorporates the flexibility our clients typically need:

  • as needed consultation regarding project complexity, site design strategy and objectives
  • general estimation of project and/or sectional cost of development
  • ability to revise project development, implementation and/or goals on the fly
  • control of overall project costs and ability to establish a "cap"

Where fixed bid contracts are necessary or advisable, S&A is capable of producing:

  • Requirements Documentation
  • Response to Proposal(s)
  • Intent to Engage or Memorandum of Engagement
  • Contract documents
  • Non Disclosure Agreement

S&A will discuss specifics of our engagement practices, billing methods, work documentation, payment expectation, travel and miscellaneous expense reimbursement with you at your request.

Contact us for more information, and your initial consultation — at no cost — to explore the most appropriate approach for your organization or project.

from our clients
quote...a valued member of our team. We are always amazed at his fast turn-around time for updates and changes...end quote -T. Wolf, CDO, YWCA, Santa Clara Valley
- Teresa Wolf
Chief Development Officer
YWCA - Santa Clara Valley


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