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Web technologies can be daunting unless you're a hardcore techie. Seidel & Associates has the unique capability of providing the right technology to produce the right results. And now we're bringing interactive, dynamic capabilities to our clients regardless of budget or size.

Not every Web site needs dynamic data-populated pages. A shopping cart and its associated software may be appropriate for one client, while using less expensive, third-party services, or none at all, assists another client's presentation.

What S&A has found is that most clients need guidance and recommendations for appropriate technology paths and/or acquisition strategies. We approach technology from the perspective that every site can look and feel professional while providing the parent organization with the technical benefits they need within their budgetary constraints.

Now, we are engaged in developing a library of dynamic tools that our clients can use to provide up-to-date content, event schedules and calendars, message boards, surveys and newsletters. As always, we're providing tools that are simple to operate, cost effective, and enhance our clients' presentations.

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For more information on the right technology at the right time, read through "To Dot Or Not"

To find out more about how, why and at what cost technological implementations can benefit your organization or business, contact us at or by phone at 650.424.8243

Links to Web resources on technical implementation can be found in the S&A Library

from our clients
quote...can be counted on for professional, leading-edge, and forward thinking solutions...end quote -J. Harlow, CTO, NetFuel, Inc.
- Jim Harlow, CTO
NetFuel, Inc.


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