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We put the user back in user friedly...

Seidel & Associates employs a "user-centric" approach to Web design and development. This means we make sure your visitors find your site a success!

As familiar as we may be with the latest design goodies on the Web, S&A tracks usability standards and testing to understand how "most" people see web pages. We bring this understanding and knowledge to the design table when preparing comps for visual design, and to the development environment when building to site design specifications.

Usability testing also includes making sure your site works the same on PCs, Macs, Netscape or Internet Explorer. We are browser and platform agnostic and build "bullet proof" Web sites that work... everywhere... all the time.

Where indicated, we can conduct more specific user testing of targeted user audiences, or we can assist in the development of test case scenarios for testing purposes.

For more information...
More information on the value of Web site usability can be found in the article "To Dot Or Not"

Links to Web resources on technical implementation can be found in the S&A Library

from our clients
quote...and he'd found us on the Web. Thank you, thank you!...end quote -S. Davis, Dir., Rape Crisis, YWCA, Santa Clara Valley
- Sandy Davis
Director, Rape Crisis Center
YWCA - Santa Clara Valley


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